A Part of Division I. The Conflict on Earth (Continued).

Section 2, Chapters 4 - 7, The Book with Seven Seals.

    A. Chapter 4, Activities Around the Throne of God.

      John invited into heaven where he saw:

      The Lord God sitting on His throne, surrounded by twenty four elders,

      The seven Spirits of God before the throne,

      The four living creatures before the throne.

      The twenty four elders and the four living creatures worship God.

    B. Chapter 5, The Lamb Found Worthy to Remove the Seals from the Book.

      God holds the book with seven seals in His right hand.

      A strong angel asks, "Who is able to open the book?"

      John weeps, thinking no one is able to open the book.

      The Lamb, having the seven Spirits of God, appears before the throne.

      The four living creatures and the twenty four elders fall down before the Lamb and declare Him worthy to open the book.

      The Lamb is declared to be the One, who purchased with His blood, men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation to be a kingdom and priests to our God and to reign upon the earth.

      Every living creature heard giving glory to the Lamb.

    C. Chapter 6, The Breaking of Six of the Seven Seals of the Book.

      The first seal: a white horse and rider wearing a crown going forth to conquer.

      The second seal: a red horse and rider with a sword going forth to make men slay one another.

      The third seal: a black horse and rider with a pair of scales going forth to regulate commerce.

      The fourth seal: an ashen horse and rider named Death with Hades following.

      The fifth seal: the vision of souls, slain for the word of God, beneath the altar.

      The sixth seal: great natural disasters occur and the wicked attempt to hide from the wrath of God and the Lamb.

    D. Chapter 7, Adminoistration of Salvation to God's Bond-Servants during the Judgment.

      Four angels stand ready to harm the earth and the sea.

      An angel restrains the four until bond-servants of God are sealed on their foreheads.

      The bond-servants, represented by 144,000 of the sons of Israel, sealed on their foreheads.

      The great multitude of all the saved, from all the nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, with all the angels, the twenty four elders, and the four living creatures worship before God and the Lamb.

    E. Chapter 8, Verse 1, The Breaking of the Seventh Seal.

      The seventh seal: there is silence in heaven for about half an hour.