These Propositions were posed by their author, William Hendricksen in his book, "More Than Conquerors," and are quoted directly from the book.

"Proposition 1. The Book of Revelation consists of seven sections. They are parallel: each spans the entire Christian dispensation, from the first to the second coming of Christ.

"Proposition 2. The seven sections may be grouped into two major divisions. These two major divisions reveal a progress in depth or intensity of spiritual conflict. The first division, chapters 1 - 11, reveal the church, indwelt by Christ, persecuted by the world. The church is avenged, protected, and victorious. The second major division, chapters 12 - 22, reveals the deeper spiritual background of this struggle. It is a conflict in the spiritual realm between Christ and Satan in which the Christ and His church is victorious.

"Proposition 3. The Book of Revelation is one. The visions are related and unified. Each succeeding section progresses from revelation of the surface conflict until the real underlying cause of the conflict is revealed. The principles of human conduct and of divine moral government are progressively revealed: the lampstands give rise to the seals; the seals give rise to the trumpets; etc.

"Proposition 4. The seven sections of the book of Revelation are arranged in ascending climatic order. There is progress in the way in which events of history are emphasized. The final judgement is first announced, then introduced, and finally described. Similarly the New Heaven and Earth are described more fully in the final section than in those sections which precede.

"Proposition 5. The Book of Revelation consists of a unified series of visions like moving pictures. The details of each picture should be interpreted in harmony with its central thought. We should ask two questions: First, what is the entire picture? Second, what is its predominant idea?

"Proposition 6. The seals, trumpets, bowls of wrath, and similar symbols refer not to specific events, particular happenings, or details of history, but to principles - of human conduct and of divine moral government - that are operating throughout the history of the world, especially throughout the Christian dispensation.

"Proposition 7. The Book of Revelation is rooted in contemporaneous events and circumstances. Its symbols should be interpreted in the light of conditions which prevailed when the book (of Revelation) was written.

"Proposition 8. The Book of Revelation is rooted in the sacred scriptures. It should be interpreted in harmony with the teachings of the entire Bible.

"Proposition 9. The Book of Revelation is rooted in the mind and revelation of God. God in Christ is the real author. Hence this book contains the purpose of God concerning the history of the church."

(The above Propositions are from the book "More Than Conquerors", by William Hendriksen) .