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Other Resources and Web Sites

Here are some web sites I like.

"Berry's Chapel Church of Christ" is the website of our family's home congregation.

"KNLS Home Page" is about a Shortwave Radio Station broadcasting the Gospel of Christ from Alaska to China, Russia, and the Far East. KNLS is a part of the operations of World Christian Broadcasting. This web site lets you listen to some of the programming and gives a travelogue of pictures of the station locale in Alaska. KNLS was once our home while I managed the station installation.

"World Christian Broadcasting," the parent organization of International Shortwave Radio Station KNLS in Alaska, is now expanding its operations through another International Shortwave Radio Station, "Madagascar World Voice," under construction in the Indian Ocean island country of Madagascar.

"Camp Hunt Memories Page" tells about a Christian Camp for young people in the mountains of Upstate New York. My wife and I helped adminster the camp from 1948 to 1964.

"Camp Hunt Web Site" is the official web site for the camp. During the summer of 2006, one hundred eighty-four young people enjoyed a total of 282 weeks of camping (or about 1.5 weeks/camper). For several, this was their first encounter with the love of Jesus Christ and with people who strive to live by Christian values.

"Joseph Perry Homepage" is my son's website.

"Fireweed Tales," A book you shouldn't miss, by Mary Haakenson Perry.

"The Gospel of Christ," Bible Lessons in streaming audio and video, free CDs and DVDs, consisting of Old and New Testament Textual Lessons, Soul-Saving Lessons, Topical Lessons, Truth Series Lessons, and Worship Series Lessons, in English or Spanish.

"World Bible School" offers Free Bible Correspondence Courses by postal mail. Enroll yourself and share World Bible School with your friends and family.

"Truth For The World" is a mission work of the churches of Christ. It is a total approach to world evangelism involving radio and television programs, literature and campaign follow-up. At the present time, the radio and television programs are on every continent with a potential audience of billions. The literature, including Bible correspondence courses, and a simple English teaching paper, is being sent into more than 160 nations. Broadcasts and printed materials are also produced in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

"Now The Day Is Over" offers a four level bible correspondence course study program which is available by postal mail. You can enroll and receive your first lessons in a matter of days.

"Bible Gateway" is a tool for reading and researching scripture online -- all in the language or translation of your choice! It provides advanced searching capabilities, which allow readers to find and compare particular passages in scripture based on keywords, phrases, or scripture reference.

"The Arabic Bible" Book of Life is a Modern Standard Arabic translation of the Bible. Arab theologians and linguists began working on the translation in 1973 and the New Testament was published in 1982, the full Bible following in 1988. Over the years the Book of Life has evolved from a translation of the printed Bible to a ministry aiming at communicating the Bible in various media to diverse audiences. Various Biblical passages are read in Arabic and produced in Real Player or MP3.

"Audio Bible," New International Version (NIV) Audio recordings of the NIV Bible are narrated in English by Max McLean and are available on CD. This is a service of the Bible Gateway. The following audio files are in Real format. Please visit the Bible Gateway for the flash player version.

The Church Restoration Web-site,sponsored by Dan Hubbell, a Christian dedicated to the encouragement of the whole Body of Christ and to the expanding of God’s Kingdom throughout the earth. Through the free teaching materials, Mr. Hubbell desires to help equip the saints for the work of ministry throughout the world. I like his web-site especially for its index of Teachings on a wide variety of Biblical subjects. FMP.

"HEARTLIGHT" is an internet magazine dedicated to providing positive resources for daily Christian living. You may subscribe to free Heartlight daily devotionals by email.

"World Evangelism" A worldwide outreach program of churches of Christ under the leadership of J. C. and Betty Choate and the eldership of the Liberty Church of Christ, Dennis, Mississippi. We first met J. C. and Betty and their family as they worked as missionaries in Karachi, Pakistan in 1964.

The Gospel Broadcasting Network is a streaming video internet presentation available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of programming also being broadcast by direct-to-home satellite television to the United States and Canada as well as parts of Central America and the Caribbean. This programming is sponsored by the Highland Church of Christ in Dalton, Georgia and supported by other churches of Christ throughout America.

Does God Exist? gives access to the online bi-monthly publication of the "Does God Exist?" program. The purpose of the program is to provide thinking, seeking people with scientific evidence that God does exist and that the Bible is His word. John N. Clayton is Editor. (I heartily recommend. FMP)

Bible Search, A really good Bible search engine giving choice of Bible translations as well as study references from a number of Bible commentaries.

"The Missions Learning Center" Website Do you believe God's church has been commanded to reach out to the world and teach all people? A Missions Learning Center trains children and young people to obey the great commission. Let the Webb Chapel Church of Christ show you how to establish one.

"Contrasting Christianity and Islam," is a web page of "The Christian Information Foundation," which I believe does a good job in comparing Islam to Christianity. FMP.

"CREATION SCHOOL ONLINE with Andy Carmichael" is a very good study on Creation Science vs Evolution.

"The Truth About Abortion" by Timothy Sparks and Ben Bailey of the McLish Avenue church of Christ, Ardmore, Oklahoma.

"ManWalking50/A CitizensLine" are comments on world events by a Christian friend, a private citizen, grandparent, of vast experience whom I have known for years.

An Index of Church of Christ Websites in the USA. A number of international websites for churches outside the USA are also listed.

Church of Christ Links Warehouse.A large number of internet links to interesting information about churches of Christ.

5,000 Years of Imperial History. Who has conquered the Middle East over the course of human events?

5,000 Years of History of Religion. The geography of Faith and its Wars across history.

There are other interesting links below. Enjoy! F. M. Perry

Abilene Christian University
Lipscomb University
Faulkner University
Freed-Hardeman University
Harding University
Rochester College
Southern Christian University
New Testament Commentaries by James Burton Coffman
Audio Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
Bible Study Online
Edward Fudge—graceEmail
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Apologetics Press
Restoration Quarterly
Net Bible
Hope Network


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